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Thanks to our own production, we are able to adapt to your requirements so that our clothing meets all your ESD expectations.

ESD products

Anti-electrostatic clothing is used in areas where there is a risk of explosion, but it is also required when manufacturing, assembling and operating electronic equipment to protect these components from damage by electrostatic discharge. Electrification of clothing can cause the body to become electrified, which can result in an explosion, fire or accident.

The fabrics used for protection against static electricity show low electrification capacity and quickly dissipate electrostatic charge that appears on their surface. We have carried out quality tests on our fabrics in a certified laboratory, and the highest quality is confirmed by the certificate of conformity to PN-EN 61340-5-1:2017-01 (protection of electronic devices against static electricity, general requirements).

In addition to the most essential functions that ESD articles should fulfil, we also offer modern design and comfort. Our clothing provides a professional image for employees of many market-leading companies, retail chains and factories. Thanks to our own production we are able to adapt to your requirements so that our clothing meets all your expectations.

We also offer ESD gloves and shoes, which technical parameters ensure safety and full comfort of work confirmed by our customers.

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